Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What inspires you?

With all the designers and all the styles out there,
the million dollar question is:

Where do they get their inspiration?

Here's what we discovered...

Alexander McQueen's inspiration came from royalty; wanting to portray them as princesses. From the crown on their head to their sparkly slippers he brings an elaborate element to the Paris Fall Runway Shows.

Balanciaga's minimalist yet chic designs bring back the 50's but with an edgy and sexy twist.

Gucci brings back the era of the hippie, but purely in a fashion way.
This can't go unnoticed...fur, fringe, chains, skinny pants, it's screaming hippie and embodies the trends for fall.

With John Galliano behind the designs at Christian Dior you're sure to get a good show. This season was no exception with the Valley of the Dolls inspirations including cat-eyes, bouffant, and retro colors that are sure to go unnoticed.
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Fashion photos courtesy of style.com.

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