Monday, August 11, 2008

The Fashion Therapist

As fashionista's we can't get enough fashion advice. We love chatting about fashion, reading about fashion, and of course shopping for amazing fashions!
We found someone you may want to chat with if you have some questions.
Here's what The Fashion Therapist has to offer:

*Consultation/In-person or over the phone meeting (Always FREE ): This is the introductory part to my services and no commitments are required. It allows me to get to know you and your goals...and vice versa! Working with me we would build a partnership so before I can offer any services we would need to make sure that I can provide the services you would like and that you are someone that I can provide service to.

*Fashion Re-Mix: Don't know if something will come back in style or how to wear a shirt a different way? Let me show you what to ditch and how to dazzle some of your already existing clothes.

*Fashion Counseling: Let me give you suggestions on what items you should be wearing and what items to steer clear of. What is discussed will help guide you on your next shopping trip.

*Retail Therapy and Mentoring: There's nothing like a little shopping! Sometimes you never really know how something's going to look unless you try it on. Let's go on a shopping trip and pick out the items that would best fit you.

*Fashion Intervention: Love someone too much to let them run around wearing what is clearly the least unflattering thing. Schedule a fashion intervention to help the ones you love!

Happy Shopping!Xo, Sarah
Gem Goddess of the Universe

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