Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey....I want to be a Rock Star!

Some of the hottest trends were born in the 1980's. The music was a big influence on what was hot. We found some of the most extreme trends, but also some new ways to wear it with a modern twist.

Off-the-shoulder oversize sweatshirt? Check. Lace Gloves? Check. Colored leggings? Check. Huge earrings? Check. Leg-warmers? Check.

Here is a modern interpretation of the classic 1980's style. Skinny jeans or leggings with stilletos make this look more modern. Try mixing it with a toned down sweater and top it off with a stylish newsboy cap.

Madonna epitomized all that was 1980's. Her look was part rock'n'roll, part material girl. We love the way she wasn't afraid to accessorize. Layer your chains girls!

Get this Rock Star Look...

For a fashion-forward material girl, dark denim and an edgy vest are key. Amp up the rock with disheveled hair and a signature bracelet. We're sure Madonna would be proud.
Photo Courtesy of ShopBop

Tell us about some of your favorite (or most regrettable) styles from the 80's. Send in a picture and the most extreme look will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to Chic Gems, etc.

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