Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Check out Chicago Picks! Get the scoop on the City's hottest spots for shopping, dining, and more! See what Chicago Picks had to say about Chic Gems!

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And don't forget your accessories!
Here is what Chicago Picks had to say about Chic Gems, etc. Jewelry!
Smart Women Finish First
It sounds a little weird to admit this, but we check out what other girls are wearing. Don't get us wrong, but we love checking out hot fashion on smartly dressed women. A well-put together woman projects class, confidence and strength. And ya know what? Some of that can be bought.
Beginning with the right accessories, like those by local Chicagoan jewelry designer Sarah Radford's line of Chic Gems. Gorgeous stones, classic designs.
From Chicago Picks March 7, 2008
All the very best!
Sarah Radford
Designer Jewelry for the Professional Woman

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