Monday, September 29, 2008

Check out Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan-Sarah Radford of Chic Gems, etc. loves their tan and entrepreneurial story!

I had the pleasure of meeting Becky over 4 years ago when I was looking to transition into Pharmaceutical sales...we have been friends ever since! I wanted to share her story!~Sarah

Becky is from Indianapolis, went to college at Indiana University. She worked in sales for Sony Electronics and then Pharmaceutical sales. She quit her job to stay home with kids. She started the tanning business to offer herself a part time job while staying home with her kids. Heather Rice, her partner, grew up in the Chicago suburbs, also graduated from Indiana, where they met. Heather works full time in construction sales and wanted to start a business to grow her personal wealth and financial future.
Here's what Becky and Heather had to say about their business-the idea, the challenges, overcoming those challenges, and living the entrepreneurial dream!
~Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan~
"We also, as super fair whities, wanted to offer our fellow pale peeps a safe, natural and flawless faux tan they could walk proud with. There are tons of options out there for self tanners, but few of them offer a natural color with meticulous attention to detail, particularly on hands a feet, common problem areas with faux tanning. We all know the importance of protecting ourselves from the harmful effects of too much sun, yet it is hard to resist the sun kissed look that makes us feel 10 pounds thinner and more attractive overall.Of course our biggest challenge is getting the word out there. Advertising is very expensive, and so far even the advertising we have employed hasn't resulted in huge returns. Our other challenge is striking that "part time" balance. It is difficult to manage any business part time. While motherhood is my "full time" job, I have to work hard to achieve a balance between my responsibilities at home and my desire to build our business. Heather also struggles with striking a balance between her full time job and her part time business. To overcome this challenge we try to meet regularly to discuss marketing ideas and strategies. We're focused more on grass roots marketing and partnering with salons, spas, med spas, etc to build our clientele. Another challenge of course is the economy. People are watching their pennies and not spending what they used to on luxury services. For this we are offering package rates, group rates, referral programs, etc. We feel if we can get customers to experience our product, they will tell their friends and come back for more."
"I can personally say that the tan I got from the ladies of Couture Air Tan blew away any other faux tan I have ever had. People asked me in February what island I had just returned from. If that is not the ultimate testimony, I am not sure what is?"

Becky 773-507-3559 Heather 773-562-9469

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All the very best!
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