Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet Agnes Miles Designer for Love Lulu Mae, Review by Sarah Radford

Agnes Miles

Hello Chic Gems Gals!
I recently had the opportunity to meet Agnes of Lulu Mae.
I love her designs and she is an inspiration.
~Here's her story~
Born with an innate talent and a deep love for beauty and design, Agnes “Lulu Mae” Miles developed her creative instinct and appreciation for the arts at a very early age. While growing up in a household of six sisters; fashion, style and an eye on the latest trends were always abound. As a result, she quickly learned how to combine art and fashion to create a style of her own; fine tuning it over the years.
She continues to express herself artfully and fashionably through the pieces she designs and creates for Love, Lulu Mae. She believes every piece she creates has a unique and one-of-a-kind beauty as the women who wear them.Inspired by the strength and impeccably elegant style of the women of the 1930’s and 1940’s; Agnes models every piece she designs and creates after them. To her it is more than just vintage, it is a style of an era that represented a turning point for women and what they were capable of enduring. It gives her a great satisfaction to know her wearable art makes someone feel beautiful confident of her style and of who she is. After all, self-confidence, assurance and poise is what makes the modern woman sexy and sophisticated.
Originally hailing from St. Louis, MO; Agnes currently resides in the beautiful city of Chicago, IL with her loving husband and two Boston Terriers. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre from Columbia College Chicago.
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We hope you enjoyed this inspirational entrepreneurial story!
All the very best,
Sarah Radford
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