Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't miss Seeking, Review by Sarah of Chic Gems

Seeking Designers, the web's premier online fashion, beauty and style directory, was born to provide a more efficient way for designers to grow their businesses by connecting with press/media members, retail/wholesale buyers and online consumers.
For editors, reporters, bloggers, buyers, stylists, event planners, online shoppers, fashion enthusiasts or anyone looking for fresh products!

The Internet is bursting with design businesses, but most of them are difficult to find. Seeking helps internet users locate designer websites they otherwise might never find. We create a network of online showrooms that makes searching for fashion and style related products resourceful and fun. Seeking understands your need for a simple directory of the best designers from all over the world. You'll spend less time sorting through futile search-engine results, and more time discovering and celebrating the designers you've been searching for.
Register today and start connecting with designers directly, saving your favorites, and buying directly from our showrooms.
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Need to perform a custom search? Visit the JournaList
For Designers:
Let Seeking market your products for you. We launch your showroom daily to 10,000+ design-hungry editors, reporters, bloggers, buyers, boutique/specialty retailers, stylists, event planners, online shoppers and fashion enthusiasts. You are left with more time each day to grow your business in other areas, and do what you do!
Designers find Seeking an affordable and trouble-free way to meet their marketing needs. As a member of our designer network, you'll find new accounts with qualified buyers from anywhere in the world, initiate press opportunities, inform our industry insiders of your newsworthy updates, and get your website the traffic it deserves.
You'll enjoy the freedom of maintaining your own profile information, product photos and seeker testimonials. We also guarantee you'll love cutting your marketing and overhead costs.
There is no contract to joining our website, you can come and go as you please. (But we are confident you will like it with us and want to stay!)
How we help designers:
The Daily Dish
Our Daily Dish email highlights products from our directory and is sent to our list of editors, press/media members, stylist, buyers, boutique owners and online shoppers. Each picture links directly to your online Seeking showroom so that those interested in your products can find out more information, purchase your product directly, or contact you and/or link to your website.
Designer Newsflash
We send out your newsworthy updates on our Designer Newsflash to our massive contact list of 10,000+ (including buyers and editors). Inform everyone of your company's trunk shows, sample sales, new product launches, website updates, press mentions, new accounts and more.
Press Opps
Press opportunities are delivered directly to your inbox. We receive product queries from editors, stylists, event planners, reporters, bloggers and the like...and pass them on to you. Approximately 200 Press Opps are sent each month to our designers.
We recently launched ecommerce and now you are able to sell directly from the site if you wish (this is an optional feature, you can choose to use us as simply a showroom). We do NOT take any percentage of your sale.
Traffic Control
You have visibility of traffic stats (to your showroom and your website) and are able to see who has favorited you. Get in touch and start establishing relationships with industry insiders.
The Inside Scoop
We post exclusive designer interviews on our blog, view the Daily Dish archives, submit a designer, read/write testimonials, get newsflashes, visit our press section, start discussions with fellow designers, plus more!

"Having a website isn't enough anymore. We help you get more traffic to your website, and more exposure to to help you become a more recognizable name. You do not need to be pushing your products, we do that for you. You simply need to keep current info and photos uploaded to your showroom."
~Sarah Johnson-founder of SeekingDesigners
All the very best!
Sarah Radford
Designer Jewelry for Professional Women

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